GeeCON TDD 2015

Last friday I had the opportunity to attend the GeeCON TDD conference. It was a one-day event in Poznań. There were plenty of people and a lot of talks. Here is my short recap of couple of presentations. Test Driven Development: That’s not what we meant, Steve Freeman It’s quite Read more…

Passion led us here


I have to admit I love when a year is closing to the end. Usually, this is the season when I have more free time and do things I have been thinking about for some time. This year I read a book – Passionate Programmer by Chad Fowler. Why? Curiosity Read more…

33rd Degree Conference notes – Day 1

One month ago there was a 33rd Degree conference in Kraków, Poland. One month is a lot of time and probably the ones from you who heard about it or been there don’t remember it already. However, I had a possibility to attend the conference and grabbed some notes. I found some time finally and compiled them. 🙂