I have to admit I love when a year is closing to the end. Usually, this is the season when I have more free time and do things I have been thinking about for some time.

This year I read a book – Passionate Programmer by Chad Fowler. Why? Curiosity pushed me to check whether ideas from the book still sound as refreshing as they did somewhere three years ago. And partially because I did not read any IT book for the last couple of months.

passionate programmer bookAfter couple of days spent with this volume I must admit it is totally accurate, very interesting and constantly makes a ding for me. It is all about a career in the programming world and the passion around the craft. The ideas are worth to come back and read them again and again. The book definitely gave me a huge payload of energy and is pushing me to find various activities and to make actions on them.

As it was the previous time the book caused I want to do something more I was doing for several last months. There are couple of things I could do:

  • going back to blogging and writing more posts (afterall this is the purpose of this blog, right? 😉 ),
  • contributing to some open source project,
  • running my own pet project (why not?),
  • investigation of various tools and libraries,
  • reading more IT books (the pile of them is still growing)
  • and finally learning new languages and programming paradigms (FP, anyone?).

Chad invites to go out to local community with presentations as well. While it is really thought-provoking and can give the satisfaction I would need a time to find some interesting topic and prepare it properly.

pile of booksWhich I should start with? I do not know yet, actually. After all, everything is ahead of me, right? 🙂 This only constraint here is the time. But who has plenty of it? Maybe I will not be wrong when I say only the ones who does nothing. 😉

Ok, this is all for now. I am going to read the next chapter from the Good Math book I have just started.

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