Michał Chmielarz


I am Michał Chmielarz and currently live in Janków Przygodzki. It is a village, nearby city of Ostrów Wielkopolski, central Poland. Software development is my profession for 10+ years. Through this time I was working mainly with Java, Groovy and Scala. I am open to other technology stacks too, however I specialise in JVM. I am finding its ecosystem really rich in terms of languages and tools as well.

Currently, I cooperate with SoftwareMill. This is a great company with really awesome people on board. Creating software with them is truly exciting!

So, why programming in general? I used to love playing with blocks. I really enjoyed creating something from smaller pieces or from nothing literally.

For me, software development is similar to this somehow. There are basic components and more complex ones. If you miss something, it has to be created from already existing parts or from scratch. Constructing a software with all those pieces to provide expected functionality could be sometimes challenging yet still enjoyable. In the end, it gives me so much satisfaction that this rewards all efforts taken.

Moreover, there is one more thing important for me as well when it comes to software development. It gives unusual opportunity to get familiar with various domains and to see how things work under the hood.

Why did I decide to run this blog? It is my notepad of things and ideas from software development world I find somehow interesting. This is a good place to make updates about new things I am constantly learning as well. And I want to share all of this with you, dear readers.

I hope you will find here things interesting for you too!